attorney marketing onlineHave you ever heard people say that it takes 3 years of being in business to start earning a profit? It has been a topic of many conversations, and I believe that in many cases it is true. With that said, the internet has given us a way to say that we mean business.

According to the Small Business Association (SBA), not even half of small businesses survive for more than 5 years. There are many reasons for this, but a few of the top factors include poor location, improper management of inventory, lack of business experience, using business funds for personal use, poor sales process, and a lack of experience among other reasons.

Although a law firm does not necessarily have to worry about some of the factors listed above, such as inventory and many times the location, they are just as likely to go under as any other business if not properly managed in the other areas.

Take the subject of the sales process. If you are not able to close a sale, it doesn't matter how many potential clients come through your door, you will eventually lose enough that it will become the norm.

The internet takes care of the beginning phases of the sales process. Your website begins to sell your services before you ever speak to a potential client. That is, if potential clients can even find your website.

We spoke with Melissa Ritter, founder of a Cleveland SEO firm specializing in attorney marketing, and according to statements she made during our interview, some attorneys are not good at closing a deal. If an individual calls for a quote, then say they are going to shop around, that is pretty much where the conversation ends. You can find their Columbus services here.

A good business owner must be good at sales regardless of what industry they are in. The closing process is the most important aspect of obtaining new customers.

For this reasons, having a website that explains not only your services but why a potential client should choose you is imperative in today's age. The generation that we are now dealing with expects this. They are not going to call someone unless they can find them online. That is simply the new age of marketing.

In summary, if you are a law firm looking to grow your business, you must have a presence online to attract the majority of what will become your new clients.