St Patrick’s Day

Irish or not, every year at least 39% of the total population claim to celebrate St Patrick's Day. In Ohio alone, 10-15% of the population are of Irish ancestry.

Did you know that the population in Ireland is approximately 4.6 million, but there are about 36 million Americans with Irish ancestors? So what does this mean?

For one, it mean's that a DUI attorney is going to be extremely busy come March 18th!

All joking aside, it is a day of celebration for many across the U.S. With green beer, green rivers, parades, and the 5.5 million people who visit the St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City, there is certainly going to be a lot of drinking going on.

Guinness seems to be the beer of choice on St Patrick's Day. On any other day, people consume approximately 5.5 million pints of it, but on St. Patty's Day - 13 million. And that is just Guinness beer. What about all of the other popular ales, wines, wine coolers, and mixed drinks that will be served on this one day of the year?

st patricks day 2017Of the 30 million people celebrating on this day, approximately 84% of them will be sporting a green wardrobe. They will wake up the next morning to green beads hanging from their rear-view mirror, or maybe they will wake up to them still being dangling around their neck.

Any way you look at it, the celebration does not continue for some. On St. Patrick's Day in 2010, alcohol related crashes took a life every 51 minutes. Just think about that for a minute. Every 51 minutes, someone got behind the wheel of a vehicle after an entire day of drinking green Guinness beer with the intention of going home to sleep it off, but instead, they put themselves at deaths door.

It is a scary number, and one that many of us do not consider when we order our first drink on this day of celebration.

Do yourself a favor, and a favor for all of the other drivers on the road, and get yourself a safe ride home. There are so many options today that it really makes no sense to drive while under the influence.

Shown below is a map of Akron DUI statistics. The black dots are all of the locations where an Akron DUI arrest has been made in 2017 alone, and it is only March.

dui statistics ohio

Here are a few resources if you are planning to go out and celebrate on March 17th.

We want you to get home safe and sound, and we want all other drivers on the road to be safe as well.

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Should you find yourself in the position of being arrested for a DUI, contact a DUI attorney immediately. It is your best option if you want to fight the charges.

We wish everyone a fabulous and safe St. Patrick's Day in 2017, and all future years to come.